Valentina Ghisays

Ms. Ghisays is currently a doctoral student in the Department of Psychology (focus on Neuroscience) at the University of Cincinnati. Her long-term research goals are to gain a better understanding of the pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s disease in an effort to find effective treatments for this debilitating disease. As a graduate student she has gained neuroanatomical expertise in genetic mouse models of neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Ms. Ghisays’ masters thesis examined the impact of abnormal alpha-synuclein aggregates on the noradrenergic system after toxic insult to investigate the neuropsychiatric impairments in a transgenic model of Parkinson’s. This project was awarded first place in a regional conference of Society for Neuroscience. Her dissertation focuses on the characterization of an oncogene as a novel player in Alzheimer’s. Ms. Ghisays is currently working with a full body knockout of this oncogene to characterize neurocognitive deficits using behavioral assays. She is the first to characterize this protein in murine and human postmortem brain samples using immunolabeling to assess co-expression in major cell types and compare expression in brain regions associated with learning and memory in mice. Part of Ms. Ghisays’ dissertation also focuses on the burden of the APOE allele in the context of this novel oncogene.

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