Dr. Pim van Gool

Professor, Dr. van Gool has over 25 years of experience, in medicine, research and science. Undergraduate training in basic neuroscience at the Netherlands Institute of Brain Research led Dr. van Gool to pursue a PhD on animal studies of brain aging which he completed in 1987. He continued his training in medicine and then completed his licensing as a neurologist in 1992 at the Academic Medical Centre at the University of Amsterdam, where he was appointed Professor of Neurology with a particular focus in the dementias.

Dr. van Gool has conducted research on the effective diagnosis and treatments of dementia and methods for prevention of dementia. He also has research interests in areas outside of neurodegenerative diseases including primary health prevention and psychiatric disorders.  Since 2012, he has combined this work in research with his presidency at the Health Council of the Netherlands and also holds an appointment as a consultant at the department of geriatric psychiatry at ‘Dijk en Duin’. He is a member and chairman active in various Health Council Committees, national guidelines and scientific work groups and community advisory boards.  Internationally, he is active in the European Dementia Prevention Initiative and member of the Committee of Management of the Cambridge Institute of Public Health.