Dr. Holly B. Posner

Dr. Holly B. Posner, MD, MS Epidemiology, has over 15 years of experience conducting clinical research evaluating potential therapeutic interventions for dementia, epilepsy and more recently, juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Aside from her work for pharmaceutical companies, she has also been involved in research to improve the assessment of outcome measures used to assess cognition and behavior in clinical trials. She has raised monies from non-profit sources to do analyses in non-proprietary data to improve the clinical trial endpoints for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and its precursors.  She has been the co-Chair of a working group evaluating this for the Alzheimer’s disease neuroimaging initiative (ADNI). She has also been the co-Chair of the Cognitive & Clinical Outcomes / Ideal Alzheimer’s Prevention Trial Working Group of the International Society for Clinical Trials Methodology (ISCTM). Additionally, she has worked to bring together the perspective of pharmaceutical companies and academia to improve research in blood-based biomarkers for AD. She is professionally trained as a Neurologist (Cornell University, New York Hospital, currently board certified) and Internist (Columbia University, Columbia Presbyterian). And, has completed a Fellowship in Ageing, Cognition, Dementia, and Behavior, as well as, a Master’s in Epidemiology both at Columbia University. She has been employed at Pfizer since 2007.