Dr. Joel Raskin

Dr. Joel Raskin was a community and academic psychiatrist, consultant to public and private industry, before joining the pharmaceutical industry in 1999. He completed his medical training in 1981 and his psychiatric residency in 1986 at the University of Toronto, where he maintains an adjunct staff position in the Department of Psychiatry. He was formerly the Head of the Depression Clinic and ran the mood disorders clinical research program at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health, University of Toronto.

Dr. Raskin retired from Eli Lilly & Co. after 20 years having held various roles in neuroscience drug development and commercialization, working with medications for mood and anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, dementia, migraine and pain. He helped strategize and implement the global lifecycle clinical trial program of duloxetine (Cymbalta©️) for several mood and chronic pain disorders, then managed the Emerging Markets Neuroscience medical group for 4 years where he was involved with many international organizations and governments. From 2011-2018 as Senior Director he led the medical affairs team for Alzheimer’s Disease diagnostics and therapeutics, and most recently led the medical affairs team for the acute treatment of migraine.

Dr. Raskin has engaged with governments, regulators, payers, scientific organizations, physicians, educators and advocacy groups. He has published nearly 100 articles and been cited over 3300 times. He has presented at international conferences and academic institutions. He has been a coach and mentor to many aspiring researchers and professionals.

Dr. Raskin is currently consulting to companies and organizations on neuroscience drug development and medical affairs.