Open and Upcoming Programs – Canada

Transformational Research 2017

Provides funding (maximum of $1,500,000 over up to 3 years) for high-potential translational research projects with excellent preliminary data that will advance the development of therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases of aging.

Application deadline:  March 31, 2017
Award announcement: October 2017

Postdoctoral Scholars 2017

This program supports top-tier Canadian postdoctoral scholars by providing international training at the University of Oxford and affiliation with Merton College. Awarded researchers will receive £57,000 per year for 2 years.

Application deadline: April 11, 2017
Award announcement: June 2017

Canada: Rapid Response 2017

Seed funding (up to $200,000 per project for up to 18 months) to provide support for high-risk, high-reward projects that will impact neurodegenerative diseases of aging.

More information on funding for Canada: Rapid Response 2017 programs will be available on the application open date for each respective program.

PD-related diseases (PD, PSP, DLB, MSA, prodromes, and vascular contributions to the listed diseases)

Information webinar: April 4, 2017 Register here
Application deadline
: May 9, 2017
Award announcement: October 2017

AD-related diseases (AD, FTD, MCI, prodromes, and vascular contributions to the listed diseases)

Applications open: April 27, 2017
Information webinar: June 12, 2017 Register here
Application deadline: July 5, 2017
Award announcement: December 2017

International Fellowships 2017

This program provides financial support ($60,000 per year per student) for PhD students at the University of Toronto to travel and work in world-renowned labs to further their translational research on neurodegenerative diseases of aging.

Application deadline: March 1, 2017*
Award announcement: April 2017

*Individuals interested in submitting an application past this date are to contact the Institute directly.