Validation of sirtuin 3 as a neuroprotective target in Parkinson’s disease

2012  -  Toronto, ON, CA


Dr. Joanne Nash


University of Toronto

Project description

To measure the neuroprotective value of SIRT3, one of the few pre-clinical models shown to exhibit pathological and behavioral abnormalities equivalent to those observed in PD patients – the  a-synuclein pre-clinical model – will be utilized.  Genetically engineered viruses will be used to elevate SIRT3 levels in the brain region that is most severely affected and closely linked with PD symptoms.  SIRT3 levels will be elevated at two different stages of neuronal health: (i) when neurons are healthy and (ii) when they are functionally impaired.  The effect of elevating levels of SIRT3 will be determined at different stages of PD pathology using behavioral and post-mortem studies.