International Fellowships 2015

The Weston Brain Institute International Fellowships is a funding opportunity ($60,000 per year per student) open to University of Toronto PhD students to travel to and work in world-renowned labs to further their translational research on neurodegenerative diseases of aging.

International Fellowship 2015 Awardees

The effect of localized cGMP signaling on learning and memory in the Alzheimer’s disease mouse model

Grantees: Jelena Borovac

Project description Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating progressive mental deterioration characterized by memory loss, dementia, and ultimately neurodegeneration. The disease hallmarks include complex intracellular neurofibrillary tangles and abundant extraneuronal...


Boosting memory in healthy and neurodegenerative aging with noninvasive brain stimulation

Grantees: Zainab Fatima

Project description At present, the gold standard for treating neurodegenerative diseases is the combined use of cognitive behavior therapy and pharmacological therapy. Over the past few years, some researchers...


In silico identification of genetic risk variants for Parkinson’s disease

Grantees: Dr. Sarah Gagliano

Project description My research will shed light on the genetic risk factors for Parkinson’s disease that have not yet been discovered by current methods. A better understanding of the etiology of...


Modeling FC in AD using The Virtual Brain

Grantees: Joelle Zimmermann

Project description In this study, Diffusion Spectrum Imaging (DSI) and simultaneous fMRI-EEG will be obtained from ADs, amnesic MCIs and age-matched healthy  controls. Structural connectivity (ie density  of white...