Advisor Fellows 2015


Protein expressions in the rat hippocampus following deep brain stimulation of the fornix area

Grantees: Elise Gondard

Supervising Advisor: Dr. Andres Lozano Project Summary Deep brain stimulation (DBS) refers to the therapeutic delivery of electrical current through implanted electrodes in precisely targeted areas of the brain. It...


Identifying Clinical and Paraclinical Predictors

Grantees: Gregory S. Day

Supervising Advisor: Dr. Gene Johnson Project Summary Clinical heterogeneity in age-associated neurodegenerative disease presents diagnostic and therapeutic challenges for clinicians and researchers alike. Individual factors, including education,(1) lifestyle (i.e.,...


Targeting the Tau-Fyn Interaction in Alzheimer’s Disease

Grantees: Travis Rush

Supervising Advisor: Dr. Erik Roberson Project Summary As the leading cause of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease (AD) remains without cure or effective treatment. Decades of research has indicated that two...