Advisor Fellows 2015

Identifying Clinical and Paraclinical Predictors

Grantees: Dr. Gregory S. Day

Advisor: Dr. Eugene Johnson Supervisor: Dr. Tim Miller Project summary: Clinical heterogeneity in age-associated neurodegenerative disease presents diagnostic and therapeutic challenges for clinicians and researchers alike. Individual factors, including...


Targeting the Tau-Fyn Interaction in Alzheimer’s Disease

Grantees: Dr. Travis Rush

Supervising Advisor: Dr. Erik Roberson Project summary: As the leading cause of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease (AD) remains without cure or effective treatment. Decades of research has indicated that two...


Preclinical trajectory of AD: Interactions between APOE gene dose & biomarkers

Grantees: Valentina Ghisays

Supervising Advisor: Dr. Pierre Tariot Project summary: In the current proposal we seek to evaluate neuroimaging data from the longstanding NIA-supported prospective cohort study (RO1 AG031581, Reiman PI) in...


Enhanced macrophage clearance of amyloid using nuclear receptor agonists

Grantees: Dr. Monica Holley

Supervising Advisor: Dr. Gary Landreth Project summary: Alzheimer ’s disease (AD) is characterized by the deposition and accumulation of amyloid (Aβ) plaques within the brain, which elicit a strong...


Protein expressions in the rat hippocampus following deep brain stimulation of the fornix area

Grantees: Dr. Elise Gondard

Supervising Advisor: Dr. Andres Lozano Project summary: Deep brain stimulation (DBS) refers to the therapeutic delivery of electrical current through implanted electrodes in precisely targeted areas of the brain. It...