Advisor Fellows 2014


Changing the “flavor” of tau: Application to mouse models of neurodegenerative disease

Grantees: Dr. Kathleen Schoch

Advisor: Dr. Eugene Johnson Supervisor: Dr. Tim Miller Project summary: Neurodegenerative diseases, collectively known as tauopathies, are characterized by abnormal accumulations of the protein tau. The most well-known and widely...


Recovery of parkinsonian deficits through stimulation-mediated neurogenesis

Grantees: Dr. Sherri Thiele

Supervising Advisor: Dr. Andres Lozano Final summary: The motor symptoms that occur in the wake of Parkinson’s disease undeniably cause human suffering and have been extensively studied, but there is...


Bexarotene improves behavior and neuron health in 5XFAD mice

Grantees: Dr. Monica Holley

Supervising Advisor: Dr. Gary Landreth Project summary: Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a devastating neurodegenerative disease that results in progressive memory impairment, cognitive deficits and eventually death. We have reported that...


Investigation of therapeutics that reduce tau accumulation through stimulation of autophagy in cell and rodent models.

Grantees: Dr. Lauren Friedman

Supervising Advisor: Dr. Wai Huang Yu Project summary: Among the many human neurodegenerative disorders, there seems to be one common culprit – the abnormally high accumulation of aberrant or...