Alzheimer’s drug one-step closer to reality after Krembil team signs major development deal

January 23, 2018

Dr. Donald Weaver has spent two decades searching for a drug to slow or stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. This month he signed a major deal with French pharmaceutical giant Servier to co-develop a potential therapeutic approach that his team is already working on at Krembil. In the words of Dr. Weaver, “This is very big news,” as it may represent our best chance to finally bring a drug to market for this neurodegenerative disease.

Dr. Weaver is currently supported by the Weston Brain Institute through the Targeted Diseases: FTD & PSP 2014 program, developing a new treatment for progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) focused on protein misfolding.

Read more about Dr. Weaver’s Institute-funded work here.

Read the official press release from UHN here.