Please contact our Research Programs Specialists for scientific inquires and our Grants Administrators for general inquires.
You are also welcome to contact us at or at +1-416-935-4056.

Alex Screenshot PhotoAlexandra Stewart
Executive Director
Phone: 416-935-4056


Research Programs Specialists

Please contact our Research Program Specialists for scientific inquires.


R_Prashad_8962CrRene C. Prashad, PhD
Senior Research Programs Specialist
Phone: 416-965-5735
Program(s): Rapid Response: Canada (AD), Transformational Research, Collaborative Programs


R_Reeve_8899CrRachel Reeve, PhD
Senior Research Programs Specialist
Phone: 416-965-5656
Program(s):  Rapid Response: Europe, Novel Biomarkers, Postdoctoral Scholars, International Fellowships


Matthew Sacheli, PhD
Research Programs Specialist
Phone: 416-965-5478
Program(s): Rapid Response: Canada (PD)


CTang_9001v2CrCristina Tang, PhD
Senior Research Programs Specialist
Phone: 416-965-5356
Program(s): Clinical Trials, Weston Brain Institute Outstanding Achievement Award





CBraganza_8862CrCrystal Braganza
Coordinator, Research Operations
Phone: 416-965-5695




Grants Administrators

Please contact our Grants Administrators with any general inquires.

 Gabriela Alvarez
Executive Assistant and Grants Administrator
Phone: 416-965-5657
Program(s):  Transformational Research, Advisor Fellowships


Robert Amaral, MSc
Grants Administrator
Phone: 416-965-5334
Program(s):  Rapid Response: Europe, Novel Biomarkers


Bryan Jenkins, MSc
Grants Administrator
Phone: 416-965-5456
Program(s):  Rapid Response: Canada (PD), Clinical Trials, International Fellowships, Postdoctoral Scholars


Kristin Purdy
Grants Administrator
Phone: 416-965-5331
Program(s):  Rapid Response: Canada (AD), Weston Brain Institute Outstanding Achievement Award